Badshah Begum Viral Scene Criticized for Portraying Hindu Culture

Drama Badsha Begum criticized

Badshah Begum is a Hum Television drama serial. The drama has been produced by Momina Duraid and Rafay Rashdi. The drama serial has a stellar cast which includes Yasir Hussain, Farhan Saeed, Abbas, Ali Rehman, Komal Meer and Shahzad Nawaz. The drama has been written by Saji Gul and it is directed by Khizer Idrees who directed drama serial Laapata. The story of the drama serial Badshah Begum revolves around a strong & powerful girl Jahan Ara, portrayed by Zara Noor Abbas.

Badshah Begum Viral Scene Criticized for Portraying Hindu Culture
Badshah Begum

Badshah Begum is in news for its over the top portrayal of an extremely noble and influential Peer’s family. Previously, the club dancing scene of the drama ignited severe criticism where the girls of pious and influential Peer’s (religious cleric) family went to the club with class fellows, they danced there and had drinks too. Now, another viral milk bath scene has ignited severe criticism.

Netizens, right after glimpsing the controversial and imaginary situation, started bashing the makers of the drama for portraying Hindu culture in Pakistani dramas. A lot of people said that it is the sheer disgrace of milk which is “Rizq”, fans were unhappy seeing the “Milk Bath” that too in public. Public said that the makers of the drama are inspired by Hinduism as such things are shown in Indian dramas. A lot of people said that this is the third class drama and has a bad storytelling. Fans said that the drama is giving the vibes of Indian channel COLORS or StarPlus. Public said that now these Pakistani drama makers are adopting Hindu culture in order to grab rating. All the people commented against the scene. Many fans just said that it is an absurd thing to be added in the drama, they thanked that they didn’t even start the drama. Public also questioned the region in this dramas, as according to them such things are never happened in Pakistan or at least they didn’t glimpse it. Here are all the comments.

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